Wise Data Recovery 多國語言免安裝

2020-11-15 / 9.94 MB / /

Wise Data Recovery 是一個windows下的免費數據恢復軟件,並且這個軟件帶有多種語言文件,運行之後,可以在菜單中切換到中文操作界面。Wise Data Recovery 軟件的體積十分的小巧,並且官方提供了綠色版,這個版本下載後就可以立刻使用,無需進行安裝,對於系統穩定性不會有絲毫影響。

• Recover documents such as word, excel, txt etc.
• Recover photo/image, such as .jpg, .png, .gif etc.
• Recover email file, such as .eml
• Recover other data such as audio, video, archive
• Recover data from local disks.
• Recover data from removable disks, such as ipod, mp3 player, memory card etc.
• Supports Multi-language, English, Chinese (Simplified), Finnish, Korean
• Show explicit status of the data to be recovered
• Free updates and technical supports

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